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Olympus Labs squeezes a lot into its promising new BloodShr3d

bloodshr3d black magic edition

Olympus Labs has unveiled the all-new version it has coming soon of its flavored weight loss supplement BloodShr3d. The new product is BloodShr3d Black Magic Edition, and just as we’ve seen from the brand many times before; it is an exceptionally well put together product.

What is it

Like its predecessor, Olympus Labs’ BloodShr3d Black Magic Edition is primarily a supplement to help users burn fat. What makes the product so different though is that the brand has packed it full of ingredients that see its list of benefits extend beyond weight loss.

bloodshr3d black magic edition

Olympus Labs has loaded its upcoming BloodShr3d Black Magic Edition with a promising stimulant matrix to enhance energy, mental focus, mood, and suppress appetite. It also features a variety of ingredients to help burn fat through a variety of different pathways.

Alongside all of those stimulating and weight loss benefits, BloodShr3d Black Magic Edition has one more thing that you typically don’t see in fat burning supplements. Olympus Labs has included vegan sourced BCAAs in the BloodShr3d formula to protect against muscle loss while dieting.

bloodshr3d black magic edition


You can see the full list of ingredients in BloodShr3d Black Magic Edition above in its fully transparent facts panel. Olympus Labs has truly squeezed a lot of into this one, including powerful stimulants like eria jarensis and j regia, quality KSM-66 ashwagandha, and a solid 1g dose of acetyl-l-carnitine.

Launch details

Olympus Labs plans on launching its all-new Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition sometime in the very near future. The reformulated flavored fat burner is just one of the many products the brand has launching soon, and if they’re all like BloodShr3d, then it’s going to be an exciting next couple of months.