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Combat Crisp Review: Not as soft or flavorsome as its competitors

When MusclePharm announced its all-new Combat Crisp protein bar, we were actually quite excited mostly because of the style of the product. Combat Crisp is a Rice Krispie type protein bar, along the same lines as the delicious Ooh Snap Protein Bar and BSN’s top-rated Protein Crisp.

This week we finally managed to get a hold of two of MusclePharm’s three Combat Crisp flavors for a full hands-on review. As a quick rundown of its macros, a full 45g bar provides a rather light 16g of protein, 5g of fat, 17g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar, and 170 calories.

combat crisp review


While we were relatively excited to try MusclePharm’s Combat Crisp, it didn’t turn out quite as well as we had hoped. Typically Rice Krispie style protein bars have a nice crunchy consistency to them, although they’re still soft and easy to bite through like the two products we mentioned earlier.

Combat Crisp doesn’t, unfortunately, have that soft and enjoyable consistency we’ve come to expect with these types of protein bars. The product is easier to bite through than the usual thick and chewy protein snack, but it is definitely missing that soft puffiness you get from the likes of BSN’s Protein Crisp.

combat crisp review

As for the actual taste of MusclePharm’s Combat Crisp, it’s also not as strong as some of its more impressive competitors. In the Chocolate and Marshmallow flavors we purchased, the tastes are somewhat light and have trouble standing out as you chew through the protein bar’s not-so-soft main body.


While MusclePharm’s Combat Crisp is certainly not a bad bar and is more than bearable, it mostly loses out due to its competition. If it weren’t for the other Rice Krispie style protein bars from BSN and Snap Nutrition, we wouldn’t be expecting a softer, more realistic consistency that also delivers on flavor.