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Core Nutritionals and REAAL debate the topic of EAAs vs BCAAs

core and reaal debate bcaas and eaas

The great team over at Fitness Informant has uploaded another episode in its informative and educational Be Informed. Live Fit. podcast. The newest entry is episode number ten and is probably the best one we’ve seen in the Fitness Informant series so far.

The latest Be Informed. Live Fit. podcast sees Fitness Informant bring on two representatives from separate supplement companies to debate the popular topic of EAAs vs BCAAs. The two brands being represented are Core Nutritionals with Kenton Engel and Ian Bell from Twinlab’s REAAL.

While the episode does touch on a lot of different areas of EAAs and BCAAs, the main focus is on Twinlab’s EAA product REAAL. Kenton Engel brings into question a lot of the claims the brand makes for the supplement as well as all of the research and studies that back it up.

If you’re at all interested in the topic of EAAs and BCAAs, specifically the research around them all, the latest Fitness Informant podcast is well worth a watch. We’ve embedded the video from YouTube just above with the rather heated debate kicking off at around the 15:26 mark.