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You can now get Halo Top ice cream delivered for as low as $8 per pint

halo top delivered

Halo Top’s delicious protein ice cream can now be purchased direct and shipped right to your door. The brand has introduced an online store at where you can order pints of its many dairy and non-dairy ice cream options as well as merchandise including tees, hats, and even a watch.

There is a total of two purchase options for those looking to get Halo Top delivered with four and eight pint packs, which can be made up of your choice of flavors. The four pack will cost you $11.50 per pint and the eight pack a much better $8 per print, with both options including shipping in their price.

Once again the website to go to is where you will now see a shop section listed under the menu. All 39 of Halo Top’s protein ice creams are in stock with its 25 regular flavors and 14 non-dairy options.

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