Halo Top introduces its Scoop Shop Pumpkin Pie S’Mores Sundae

halo top pumpkin pie smore sundae

Halo Top has introduced an all-new creation at its Scoop Shops this month, that makes use of the Pumpkin Pie flavor it recently added to its menu. The release appears to be specifically for the brand’s soft serve in a cup, despite the Pumpkin Pie ice cream being available in both scoops as well as soft serve.

The unique Halo Top Scoop Shop creation is the Pumpkin Pie S’Mores Sundae featuring crunchy pumpkin spiced graham cracker crumbles and gooey toasted marshmallows. The brand currently has three Scoop Shop locations throughout Los Angeles located at Westfield Topanga, Westfield Century City, and The Grove.

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