MyoBlox makes it three for Halloween with Illa Zombie Blood

illa zombie blood

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen announcements from MyoBlox about two limited edition products its put together for Halloween. As per usual good things come in threes, and it turns out the brand actually has one other limited edition supplement coming soon for All Hallow’s Eve.

Along with MyoBlox Skywalk Evil Genius and Loco Werewolf Blood, there is going to be an Illa Zombie Blood. Illa is the brand’s amino acid product, and just like those other limited editions, the Illa Zombie Blood will feature a formula different from its regular version.

MyoBlox does kind of give away the point of difference with its Illa Zombie Blood as on the front it refers to itself as an advanced EAA formula. That obviously means the supplement will feature a mix EAAs as opposed to the current Illa which only has the three BCAAs.

Illa Zombie Blood is expected to be released very soon along with Skywalk Evil Genius and Loco Werewolf Blood, especially since Halloween is right around the corner.

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