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Juggernaut is launching a whey isolate protein called ISOlated

juggernaut nutrition protein powder

The up and coming supplement company Juggernaut Nutrition has revealed this week that it is getting ready to enter a category it currently isn’t competing in. That category is the incredibly competitive world of protein powder, which the brand is planning on taking on with a new product called ISOlated.

For now, Juggernaut Nutrition has only confirmed the name and what type of protein powder ISOlated is going to be. As per its title, the brand’s first ever protein supplement will feature just the one source of protein with high-quality, fast absorbing whey protein isolate.

While ISOlated is something worth getting excited about for Juggernaut Nutrition fans, there is still a bit of a wait until the product’s release. At the moment the brand is aiming to have ISOlated out and available in about one month’s time, which would see it launch in early November.