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Justine’s partners with IsoCream for a pair of ice cream flavors

justines isocream

Justine’s Cookies has partnered with fellow New Zealand company IsoCream, who specializes in frozen protein dessert, and is not to be confused with Blackstone’s ISO-Cream product. The two brands have come together for what appears to be a pair of special IsoCream high protein ice cream flavors.

The two products that have been pictured and branded by Justine’s and IsoCream, are both half liter tubs of Cookies and Cream ice cream. What separates the products is that one is Cookies and Cream made with Justine’s Choc Fudge, and the other is Cookies and Cream with Justine’s Peanut Butter.

We’re not sure when Justine’s and IsoCream plan on launching their collaborative high protein ice creams, all we know is that they are coming soon. We can also confirm the flavors will have a calorie count similar to the other IsoCream options with 345 per tub in the Choc Fudge and 350 in the Peanut Butter.