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Levrone Signature Series unveils its boldly named Unique Protein Bar

levrone unique protein bar

The Kevin Levrone supplement brand Levrone Signature Series, is coming out with a new line of protein bars for the new year. The brand has boldly named the upcoming product the Unique Bar, which at least sounds like it’ll be something worth trying.

Levrone Signature Series hasn’t shown what the Unique Bar actually looks like, but it has revealed pretty much everything else. We can confirm the protein snack will launch in an impressive five flavors with Milk Chocolate, Caramel, White Chocolate, Cookies and Chocolate, and Salted Peanuts Caramel.

The other details we have to share include the Unique Bar’s not so typical nutrition profile. Each 45g bar provides a lighter than usual 15g of protein from whey isolate and concentrate, 11g of carbohydrates with all of that being sugar, 16g of fat, a gram of fiber, and a total of 250 calories.

As you can see, the Levrone Unique Bar comes with a little less protein than the more common 20g per bar, and a slightly higher calorie count of 250. The family of Unique Protein Bars is currently being promoted for release in 2019 which is now only ten weeks away.