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‘Merica Labz reveals the formula behind its fat burner Uncle Bam

merica labz uncle bam

‘Merica Labz is finally planning on launching its first ever fat burning supplement Uncle Bam, in just a few days time on Monday of next week. To get everyone ready for the release the brand has shared the product’s formula which not too surprisingly, features quite the unique combination of ingredients.

The upcoming Uncle Bam has been packed with a total of eight different ingredients, each of which is transparently dosed, like in every other ‘Merica Labz supplement. The formula includes features to increase energy as well as mental focus, enhance thermogenesis to make you sweat, and support overall weight loss.

merica labz uncle bam

The heavier ingredients making up a full two-capsule serving of ‘Merica Labz Uncle Bam are half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 200mg of caulerpa okamurae, 150mg of bacopa monnieri, and 250mg of caffeine. The other half of the formula is 20mg of n-coumaroyldopamine, 125mg of Dynamine, 130mg of berberine, and 50mg of Capsimax.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Merica Labz plans on finally launching its multi-effect fat burning product Uncle Bam, this coming Monday. It’ll be available first through the brand’s own online store at, with no word yet on exactly how much a full 56 serving bottle is going to cost you.

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