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Midnight Cherry C4 Carbonated due to be available later this month

midnight cherry c4 carbonated

Cellucor has now officially launched the sleeker and 25% smaller 12oz can of its delicious C4 Carbonated, which it unveiled late last week. Moving into this week the brand is keeping the focus on its on-the-go energy drink and has announced another flavor for the product’s original 16oz size.

At the moment Cellucor’s C4 Carbonated can be found in six different flavors including the two more recent releases, Purple Frost and Orange Slice. Set to join the enjoyable drink’s fast-growing lineup later this month is another fruity recipe with Midnight Cherry.

Cellucor’s upcoming Midnight Cherry C4 Carbonated will be following in the footsteps of Purple Frost and Orange Slice, and feature no artificial colors. As mentioned the seventh C4 drink flavor is due to release in the back half of October and is expected to be available first at

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