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MyoBlox creative Halloween themed RedRum Series has arrived

After weeks of teasers, previews, and pieces of information, MyoBlox has completely unveiled and released its limited edition line of supplements for Halloween. The products making up the family which is named the RedRum Series are Evil Genius Skywalk, Zombie Blood Illa, and Werewolf Blood Loco.

Like all of MyoBlox previous limited edition releases, the items in the RedRum Series all feature different sets of ingredients compared to their regular versions. We’ve outlined the major differences in the supplements below, as there are some pretty notable changes with the formulas.

Evil Genius Skywalk

MyoBlox Evil Genius Skywalk still promises a solid nootropic experience with laser focus and increased energy without a crash. As for its list of ingredients, it packs 3g of tyrosine and 800mg of alpha-GPC, just like the regular Skywalk. Where the changes come in is that Evil Genius has an added 1.5g of MCTs, and a heavier energy and focus blend that includes velvet bean, eria jarensis, and hordenine.

evil genius skywalk

Zombie Blood Illa

The RedRum edition of the MyoBlox amino Illa is mostly the same as the original featuring a 650mg blend for hydration and 50mg of AstraGin for absorption. The big difference with the Zombie Blood Illa is that instead of having 7.5g of BCAAs per serving, the brand has swapped in 7.5g of EAAs to help with muscle recovery.

zombie blood illa

Werewolf Blood Loco

Last is MyoBlox Halloween pre-workout Werewolf Blood Loco, which promises an all-around experience like the regular Loco with focus, energy, pumps, and strength. The ingredients in Werewolf Blood are once again quite different with glycerol and beta-alanine no longer in the mix. There is however added citrulline at a strong 6g, as well as 6g of taurine and an energy blend including eria jarensis, isopropylnorsynephrine, and choline bitartrate.

werewolf blood loco

Where to buy

You can now pre-irder any or all of the MyoBlox RedRum Series supplements over on its website with shipping due to take place next Tuesday. Individual tubs of Evil Genius Skywalk and Zombie Blood Illa will cost you $54.99 each, Werewolf Blood Loco is a little bit more at $59.99, and there is also a stack with all three products at the discounted total of $154.99.