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Myprotein launches its slightly more colorful rebrand

carb crusher

As promised, right on the 23rd of this month, Myprotein’s all-new branding is showing up all over its website. A number of the product’s on Myprotein’s primary website, now feature its updated look which brings a lot more color and variety to the lineup.

The one thing that appears to remain consistent across all of Myprotein’s updated supplements is a diagonal dash placed right in the middle. The feature is also a divider of sorts that splits two other colors on some products, with the picture of Impact Whey below being a great example.

impact whey protein

As mentioned, Myprotein’s rebrand does bring a bit more color and variety to its supplements. Not all of the items have the same colors as Impact Whey such as Alpha Men which has a couple of shades of blue, Protein Brownie with shades of brown, and Carb Crusher being black, grey, and orange.

You can check out Myprotein’s makeover on its website, however, be aware it still has a lot of products listed with its previous branding. The best sellers section is probably the best place to visit as a lot of those supplements have been rebranded and there is a good variety in there.

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