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Neurohacker simplifies its formula for the more cost-effective Qualia Focus

qualia focus

If you’ve ever wanted to try the reputable nootropic supplement Qualia Mind from Neurohacker Collective, but couldn’t quite come to terms with its price tag. The brand now has a more cost-effective spin-off of that flagship product called Qualia Focus.

Neurohacker’s Qualia Focus is intended to be a slightly less potent version of the original Qualia Mind, although with a much lower cost. It still aims to deliver a comprehensive nootropic experience, including effects like improved focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

As for as the formula in Qualia Focus, it is essentially a simplified version of Qualia Mind. All 18 of its main ingredients are from the original version with 12 of those 18 being included in Qualia Focus at the same doses as they are in Qualia Mind.

The price on Neurohacker’s Qualia Focus is as mentioned, much more cost-effective than Qualia Mind. A single 20 serving bottle of the new supplement will cost you $69 through the brand’s website, which is half the price of a full 22 serving bottle of Qualia Mind at $139.

Basically, if you want Neurohacker’s full focus enhancing experience then the more expensive Qualia Mind is the way to go. If however, you’d prefer not to spend over $100 on a nootropic product then Qualia Focus is the way to go, but it won’t offer as much or be as potent as Qualia Mind.