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Creatine infused Rockstar Xdurance drink spotted with BCAAs on its can

rockstar xdurance

The energy drink company Rockstar has shared a mysterious picture of what appears to be a new variant of its Xdurance drink, which was relaunched back in August. Previously the brand had only pictured two flavors of the drink, the silver and blue Smashed Blue, and the silver and red Ripped Red.

The new image from the brand features a can of Rockstar Xdurance that is green and red and conveniently hides the part of the can with its flavor name. Another thing we noticed in the picture is that there is a word around the neck of the can that we don’t see on the other Xdurance flavors.

rockstar xdurance

In the image up top, you can see the highlight of “BCAA Aminos”, which are branched chain amino acids typically included in supplements to help with recovery. As mentioned, BCAAs are not on the neck of the other Xdurance flavors nor are they listed as ingredients on the cans we’ve seen.

For now, that is all the information we have for the red and green themed Rockstar Xdurance, but do hope to have more details along soon. The picture seems to leave us with two questions, firstly is this a new Xdurance flavor and second, are BCAAs now a part of the energy drink?