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Share your B.S. with RXBar and it could be turned into an animation

rxbar bs hotline

The team over at RXBar has put together a creative new marketing campaign that everyone can get involved in. The campaign is called the RXBar B.S. Hotline, which aligns perfectly with what you see on the brand’s protein bars where it lists each of its ingredients followed by “No B.S.”

The RXBar B.S. Hotline is kind of what it sounds like, with a hotline that you can ring up and rant about your B.S. The number to call is 1-877-THATS-BS, where RXBar greets you with an explanation of what the hotline is all about saying it’s “a safe place to get some shit off your chest.”

As creative as the hotline is, that’s not where it ends. Once you’ve submitted your rant, RXBar may choose to take your B.S. and create and animation out of it. Over on its Instagram account, you can see a whole bunch of its B.S. Hotline rants already turned into entertaining animations.

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