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Primeval Labs reveals the transparent formula behind Vasogorge Black

vasogorge black

As we get closer to the return of Primeval Labs’ muscle pump enhancing supplement Vasogorge Black, the brand continues to share more and more information. To keep the excitement going, this week Primeval has revealed the full list of ingredients that it’s packed into the upcoming product.

To ensure it delivers on its promise of better blood flow and improved muscle pumps, Primeval Labs has packed Vasogorge Black with a mix of just three ingredients. Like with a lot of the brand’s other supplements, the new Vasogorge is transparently dosed, so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you get.

The biggest feature of Primeval Labs’ Vasogorge Black is the increasingly popular branded form of glycerol in GlycerPump, dosed at 1.5g per serving. The other two ingredients in the capsule pump pre-workout are norvaline and another branded feature in Vaso6, both dosed at 300mg.

Primeval Labs plans on making its returning Vasogorge Black available for pre-order very soon. The brand is actually aiming to have it online through its own online store at later this week with no word yet on how much a full 150 capsule bottle is going to cost.