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Primeval Labs is bringing back Vasogorge as a Black Series supplement

black series vasogorge

Primeval Labs has unveiled an all-new Black Series supplement it plans on launching very soon, which is going to see it bring back one of its older products. The brand’s supplement making a return is the pump formula Vasogorge, that was initially introduced back near the end of 2016.

The upcoming Black Series Vasogorge will be just like its predecessor, in that it’s designed to help enhance muscle pumps. The difference with the new version is that it’ll feature a new combination of ingredients including 1.5g of GlycerPump glycerol, as well as a compound Primeval has never used in a product before.

Primeval Labs is aiming to release its reformulated Vasogorge sometime near the beginning of next week through the online store on its website. The brand has also confirmed that Vasogorge will be followed by at least one more Black Series supplement before we reach the end of 2019.