Noxygen LiquiCaps are now available and exclusive to the Purus website

noxygen liquicaps

Purus Labs’ highly anticipated, two years in the making, no clump Noxygen LiquiCaps are now finally available. As confirmed last week, the supplement features a similar formula to the original powder with 1.6g of glycerol and half a gram of NO3-T sodium nitrate per two-capsule serving.

The clump-free capsule version of Noxygen is actually currently exclusive to the official Purus Labs store on its website. Through there a full-size 30 serving bottle of the Noxygen LiquiCaps will cost you $39.95, which isn’t quite as cost-effective as the powder.

Purus Labs sells the original Noxygen at $34.95 with 40 servings per tub, making the powder around 34% cheaper than the capsules. It essentially works out to around only 46 cents more per serving, which isn’t all that bad for the added convenience of clump-free pumps.

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