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Lenny and Larry’s is dropping another Complete Cookie flavor tomorrow

White Chocolate Raspberry complete cookie

Lenny and Larry’s is teasing the release of an all-new flavor for its protein-packed Complete Cookie for sometime tomorrow. The functional food brand has said that the product is “berry sweet” as well as teased it with a white silhouette of what looks to be a traditional chocolate chip.

Based on everything Lenny and Larry’s has shared, we feel this may be the third and final Complete Cookie flavor previewed at last year’s Arnold Expo. At that event in 2017, the brand unveiled three new protein cookies, two of those being Chocolate Mint and Apple Pie, which have already been given a full release.

That third Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie unveiled at last year’s Arnold was White Chocolate Raspberry. Not only has that one yet to get an official public launch like Chocolate Mint and Apple Pie, but it also fits with the brand’s teaser of a white chocolate chip and being “berry sweet”.

As mentioned, Lenny and Larry’s plans on releasing its mystery new Complete Cookie flavor sometime tomorrow. Based on what we’ve seen, we feel confident in our guess of it being White Chocolate Raspberry, although we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.