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A1 Supplements releases the money saving A1 Plus Combo stack

a1 plus supplements

Last month the retailer A1 Supplements launched its own line of products under the brand A1 Plus with the self-explanatory supplements; Pre-Workout, Creatine, and BCAA 2:1:1. All of the items were introduced with heavily discounted two tub deals which the store still has available.

A1 Supplements has now given fans and those interested in trying its A1 Plus brand, a way to save even more money. Over on the store’s website, there is a new A1 Plus Combo stack featuring one full-size tub of each of the brand’s three straightforward products.

The price on A1 Supplements’ A1 Plus Combo is $39.95, which per product, works out better than the cost-effectiveness of those two bottle deals. To make the value of the new A1 Plus stack even better, each set of supplements also comes with a free A1 Supplements branded beanie.