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Black Magic Supply unveils its retailer exclusive Super Natty

black magic supply super natty

Black Magic Supply may have only launched itself earlier this month, but it does already have quite the lineup of supplements. Its list includes a total of four different products, which has now been increased by one as the brand has just introduced yet another supplement.


Starting this week, Black Magic Supply has a natural testosterone boosting product available called Super Natty. The supplement comes packed with a handful of ingredients to help get the job done, with two of those ingredients transparently dosed and the rest wrapped up in a proprietary blend.

black magic supply super natty

The two transparent features in Black Magic Super Natty are Byroviron branded bryonia laciniosa at 1.5g per serving, and PrimaVie Shilajit at 250mg. You then have the supplement’s 1.303g blend of e cottonii, fadogia agrestis, atractylodes, brassaiopsis glomerulata, royal jelly, and boron citrate.

What does it do

The combination of ingredients in Super Natty aims to increase strength, support natural testosterone levels, as well as enhance endurance. Studies of the product’s patented feature PrimaVie shilajit have shown increases in natural testosterone levels by as much as 19%.

Where to buy

As mentioned, Super Natty is now available from Black Magic Supply, although it won’t be something you’ll find in all of its usual online locations. Along with the unveiling of the testosterone booster, the brand has revealed that Super Natty is, in fact, exclusive to physical supplement retailers.