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Axe & Sledge drops Swamp Beast and Blue Freeze flavors for The Grind

swamp beast the grind

Today, Seth Feroce’s supplement company Axe and Sledge, has launched the all-new product we shared details on last week. That product is a special green-themed Swamp Beast flavor for the brand’s amino supplement The Grind, which has been confirmed as a combination of apple and berry.

There is also actually another new flavor Axe and Sledge has put together, and it’s also for the amino product The Grind. Alongside Swamp Beast, the brand has released a blue themed Blue Freeze option for The Grind, which Axe and Sledge says is kind of like “a kids blue freeze pop”.

If you want to try Swamp Beast and Blue Freeze The Grind, they are both now available but can’t be purchased in the same manner. Swamp Beast The Grind can be found online at, while Blue Freeze is an in-store exclusive, so you have to visit a physical retailer to purchase it.