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MAN Sports previews a Sour Batch flavored BrainBridge energy drink

brainbridge energy drink

At a time where we’re seeing a number of supplement companies jumping into the energy drink market, the top quality brand MAN Sports has thrown its hat into the ring. The brand has shared a preview of a liquid can version of its top-rated, focus enhancing formula, BrainBridge.

For now, MAN Sports has only shown off a picture of its BrainBridge energy drink without any confirmation of ingredients or dosing. If however the product is anything like the original powder, it will be a sweet and delicious drink providing sustained energy and more efficient thinking.

The one other detail MAN Sports does confirm with its BrainBridge energy drink preview, is that the product will be coming in the brand’s candy-like Sour Batch flavor. We suspect MAN will have other options for the drink, especially since flavoring is something it always delivers on.

With the energy drink market already being incredibly competitive, MAN Sports and its BrainBridge drink will likely heat things up even further. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing all of the details behind the product and will be sure to get our hands on it as soon as it launches.