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Coca-Cola is planning to launch its own line of energy drinks

Coca-Cola energy drink

The soft drink manufacturer Coca-Cola is planning to release a series of energy drinks under its own brand name according to a Reuters report. It will be the first time the Coca-Cola brand has launched energy drinks, with the company saying it’s been working on plans for two different products.

The Coca-Cola energy drinks are being referred to by rather straightforward names with “Coca-Cola Energy” and “Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar”. Both products are said to be made with naturally-derived caffeine along with guarana, with their point of difference seemingly being that one has no sugar.

There is a bit more to the story which you can read over at Reuters, as Coca-Cola does own 16.7% of the major energy drink company Monster. The new Coca-Cola energy drinks would obviously put the brand in direct competition with Monster, which violates a previous agreement made by the pair.