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TuffnTiny drops its Eevee inspired design, Do You Eevee Lift Bro?

do you eevee lift bro

If you’re a collector of TuffnTiny’s Pokemon inspired BULKemon items of clothing, this week the brand has introduced another one to add to your collection. TuffnTiny’s all-new design this time around is based on the original Pokemon Eevee and goes by the creative name of EeveeLIFT.

The BULKemon Series Eevee design features a flexing, jacked up Eevee alongside the line, “Do you Eevee lift bro?” TuffnTiny fans can now pre-order the new release for shipping next week at $19.99 from in a brown tee, as well as a men’s black tank and a women’s black racerback.

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