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Evogen infuses its nutrient partitioner Evolog with digestive enzymes


Hany Rambod’s Evogen Nutrition has officially launched its elite nutrient partitioning supplement Evolog. Like most products in the rather advanced category, Evolog has been designed to help shuttle carbohydrates into your muscles more efficiently resulting in effects like enhanced muscle volume.

According to Evogen Nutrition, Evolog has impressively been in the works for over one and half years. The result is a relatively different combination of ingredients including features we’ve seen quite a bit of in nutrient partitioning supplements as well as some not so common.


The nutrient partitioning ingredients in Evolog are 33.33mg of r-ALA, 100mg of banaba, 333mg of Glucevia fraxinus angustifolia, and 84mg of the more concentrated berberine, GlucoVantage dihydroberberine. Also in the mix is a 30mg blend of six different enzymes to help with digestion.

Fans of Evogen Nutrition as well as those that regularly use nutrient partitioners, can now purchase Evolog over on the brand’s website. A full bottle comes with a total of 60 single capsule servings, and directly from Evogen, the product will cost you $44.95.