Franky’s Bakery launches four Candy Splash flavors for Christmas

dominoes candy splash

The German functional food company Franky’s Bakery, is back with another bunch of additions to its growing line of Candy Splash flavors. Candy Splash is the brand’s concentrated flavor liquid that you can drop into shakes or on food for a bit of extra taste.

As mentioned Franky’s Bakery already has a mountain of flavors to choose from for Candy Splash with well over 30 different options. This week the brand has added another four flavors for the holiday season which are also all Christmas themed creations.

Joining the Candy Splash family this time around is Roasted Almonds, and the traditional German recipes, Spiced Cookie, Vanilla Crescents, and Dominoes. All four new releases are already in stock and available from the retailer Gigas Nutrition for €4.50 (5.12 USD) per bottle.