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Grape Bubblegum named as REPP’s second new Raze Energy flavor

grape bubblegum raze energy

REPP Sports has unveiled its second of three upcoming flavors for its delicious and still relatively new energy drink, Raze Energy. The brand did previously tease the option picturing it with a purple color theme, and saying “Don’t be fooled, we’re not that obvious!”

Despite us thinking the new Raze Energy wouldn’t be a grape recipe due to REPP Sports saying “we’re not that obvious”, that is exactly what it’s turned out to be. The new flavor the brand has unveiled for its energy drink is a combination we’ve seen for a lot of pre-workouts with Grape Bubblegum.

Fans of Raze Energy will be pleased to hear that they are in fact going to be able to get their hands on Grape Bubblegum very soon. According to REPP Sports, the new purple themed flavor will be available in just two weeks’ time, which is around when Phantom Freeze is expected to debut as well.