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Inspired puts together half size sample boxes for its top supplements

inspired sample boxes

Inspired has introduced an all-new way to purchase and enjoy a handful of its best supplements. The quality brand has put together boxes packing a total of between 15 to 20 single serving samples for its amino Inspired BCAA, creatine CR3, the fat burner Ember, and its top-ranked pre-workout, DVST8.

The new boxes from Inspired are essentially all half-size versions of the originals, for example, DVST8 has 40 servings in its regular tub while the sample box contains 20. The Ember sample box also packs a total of 20 sachets, with Inspired BCAA and CR3’s boxes having a little less at 15.

Inspired plans on making all of its new box sets available for purchase through its website this weekend. Most of them are in fact already in stock at with the boxes all varying in price starting from $17 for Inspired BCAA and going up to $29 for DVST8.