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Olympus Labs unveils its reformulated K1ngs Blood with cnidium monnieri

k1ngs blood

K1ngs Blood is one of the many supplements Olympus Labs is revamping for 2018, which the brand categorizes as a testosterone support formula. Olympus Labs has carried over almost all of the original’s ingredients except two, and also added a new one into the mix.

Of the previous version of K1ngs Blood’s nine ingredients, seven are in the updated edition. All of those have also maintained their original doses including the likes of PrimaVie Shilajit at 200mg, mucuna pruriens at 1.2g (20% l-dopa), 400mg of indole-3-carbinol, and 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha.

As for the changes Olympus Labs has made to K1ngs Blood, the testosterone formula no longer features acetyl-l-carnitine or horny goat weed. In their place, the brand has added cnidium monnieri at a dose of 80mg (70% osthole) for its ability to promote pro-erectile muscular relaxation.

k1ngs blood

Altogether the ingredients backing the updated Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood aim to provide a long and intriguing list of benefits. The product promises to help increase strength, boost testosterone, elevate mood, reduce estrogen, increase lean muscle mass, and offer libido support.

As far as we know, Olympus Labs will be making its cnidium monnieri infused K1ngs Blood available for purchase sometime soon. The new testosterone support supplement will feature slightly fewer capsules per bottle than its predecessor, although that is due to its smaller serving size as it still has 30 servings per bottle.