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EFX Sports is launching two ready-to-drink versions of Karbolyn

karbolyn rtd

EFX Sports has announced that it’s launching on-the-go versions of its signature Karbolyn carbohydrate supplement. The brand has plans for two RTDs, one of which is Karbolyn Fuel and is suspected to be a straightforward drink powered by its title ingredient just like the original Karbolyn Fuel powder.

The other on-the-go product EFX Sports has coming soon is an energy infused RTD called Karbolyn Energy. According to the supplement’s bottle, Karbolyn Energy will feature the brand’s well-known carbohydrate alongside an unknown amount of caffeine to reinforce the second half of its name.

Both of EFX Sports’ RTDs — Karbolyn Fuel and Karbolyn Energy — are due to be available at a store near you sometime soon. The on-the-go supplements have only been pictured in one fruit themed flavor each with Karbolyn Fuel in Green Apple and Karbolyn Energy in Grape.