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Nano BCAA brand is launching another amino named Nano EAAs

nano eaas

The European brand behind Nano BCAA that goes by the rather unique name of ä, has unveiled an all-new supplement for its still rather small lineup. Just like its first ever product Nano BCAA, the brand’s upcoming release is another amino formula that jumps on the trend of essential amino acids (EAAs).

The new ä supplement is named Nano EAAs, which is of course an EAA powered product. It doesn’t actually feature all nine EAAs, with the brand confirming that it only has eight of the nine. Nano EAAs also packs an electrolyte blend for improved hydration and BioPerine black pepper for better absorption.

ä will be officially adding Nano EAAs to its growing family of supplements very soon in two zero sugar, vegan-friendly, and artificial color free flavors. The product’s pair of options are Clear Cola and the fruity recipe Berry Mix.