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Nutrabolics confirms Keto Carb is a carbohydrate that’ll keep you in ketosis

nutrabolics keto carb

More information has been released for Nutrabolics previously mysterious ketogenic supplement, Keto Carb. Based on the name and what the brand had been saying, we suspected the product to be some sort of keto-friendly carbohydrate, which left us eagerly awaiting more information.

Nutrabolics has now confirmed that our suspicions are correct, as Keto Carb is, in fact, a carbohydrate supplement that is somehow keto-friendly. According to the brand, athletes that have used the carbohydrate formula during training have been able to remain in a state of ketosis.

Nothing has been revealed about the ingredient or ingredients in Keto Carb, only that it contains some kind of low glycemic, vegan sourced carbohydrate. A full tub of the product weighs in at 420g, which means if it has the usual 30 servings, each serving will tip the scales at 14g.

While we do now have a better idea of what Nutrabolics’ Keto Carb is, there is still a lot of details left to be confirmed. We’re mostly interested in what the supplement’s carbohydrate actually is, whether it be something entirely new or a carb we’re familiar with but used in a different way.