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An even better version of the top-rated HyperMax is coming


Out of all of the pre-workout supplements that released in 2017, there was one that stood out above all of the others. That pre-workout was the newest edition of Performax Labs’ powerful HyperMax, a product that has always managed to land itself on our list of top pre-workouts and is currently ranked number two.

This week Performax Labs has made a very exciting announcement regarding HyperMax, confirming that an all-new version of the powerful pre-workout is coming soon. The updated supplement is expected to be better than the current version, which will be interesting to see as HyperMax is already an intense pre-workout.

All that we know about the upcoming HyperMax is that it will be an all-around pre-workout, providing a variety of effects, just like the many versions of HyperMax before it. We can also confirm that it has a maximum serving size of 18g, which is just 2g heavier than a full serving of the HyperMax that’s currently on shelves.

We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this product as we’re very excited to see what Performax Labs has come up with. The brand has always managed to take things up a notch with each new version of HyperMax, so we have to assume the team has done it again with the latest edition.