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White and purple Bang Energy drink and shot about to be unveiled

blackberry blaze bang

VPX Sports is finally getting ready to reveal and release its long-awaited white and purple colored Bang Energy drink and Bang Energy shot. We’re still unsure as to what the name of the products’ new flavor is going to be, although we do know for sure it’ll be the same for both the drink and shot.

Originally we thought the flavor was Blackberry Blaze, as at this year’s Olympia VPX Sports had a white and purple Blackberry Blaze Bang shot in one of its banners. We then saw a teaser of the white and purple Bang drink only showing the first two letters of its name with “BA” which didn’t match with Blackberry Blaze.

blackberry blaze bang

As mentioned, it is still a mystery as to what the name of the upcoming Bang flavor is; however, we do now have a date for when everything is expected to be revealed. Over on the Bang Energy website you can pre-order the white and purple flavor in shot or drink form, with shipping taking place this coming Monday.

Basically, sometime between now and when the white and purple Bang Energy drink and shot are due to ship, we suspect the flavor will be unveiled. Our only guess is that it’s some sort of berry option purely because that was in the name of the Blackberry Blaze shot previewed at the Olympia.

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