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REPP’s second of three new Raze Energy flavors is purple themed

purple raze energy

Just last week REPP Sports unveiled a new flavor that it has coming soon for its delicious and effective Raze Energy drink. That flavor is Phantom Freeze, which the brand also confirmed last week is just one of three new flavors it plans on releasing for Raze Energy in the very near future.

This week REPP Sports has started teasing one of its other two energy drink flavors with a picture of a purple themed product. While the color immediately suggests we’re in for some sort of grape flavor, that probably isn’t the case as the brand has said “Don’t be fooled, we’re not that obvious!”

After REPP Sports proved how creative it could be with its Phantom Freeze Raze Energy, we’re not going to be taking any guesses at its mystery purple flavor. We can, however, confirm that both the purple and Phantom Freeze are not far from release, as they’ll apparently due be available later this month.