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Shatter Pumped8 featuring exclusive VasoShock-XR red spinach extract

shatter pumped8

Shatter Pumped8 is one of the three new additions to Muscletech’s Black Onyx Series of supplements with the other two being CreaBuild and Amino Max EAA. Shatter Pumped8 is stimulant free product primarily designed to help enhance muscle pumps and it comes with a unique eight-hour twist.

Muscletech has packed five main ingredients into its new Shatter Pumped8 one of which is exclusive to the supplement. All of the features in the pump pre-workout are transparently dosed with each maximum serving packing 200mg of the Spectra performance blend, 300mg of VasoDrive-AP, 8g of pure citrulline, and 400mg of hawthorn extract.

The one other feature in Muscletech’s Shatter Pumped8 is the exclusive ingredient, VasoShock-XR red spinach extract. The product claims it is the first to include the key feature and that you won’t find it anywhere else. When used at Pumped8’s maximum serving dose of 2g, VasoShock-XR is also said to have shown an ability to provide a pump for up to eight hours.

shatter pumped8

You can see the full label for Shatter Pumped8 directly above, and as you’ll notice it has 20 regular servings per tub. At the single scoop serving you won’t get the doses mentioned earlier, for that you’ll need to throw back the supplement’s maximum of two scoops, which is also what you need for those eight-hour muscle pumps.

Muscletech’s all-new Black Onyx Series Shatter Pumped8 is expected to be out and available in stores alongside CreaBuild and Amino Max EAA, later this month. The pump pre-workout will be hitting shelves in at least one flavor option with Grape Bubblegum Burst.