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Alpha Lion launching a Unicorn Juice flavor for Superhuman

unicorn juice superhuman

Tomorrow Alpha Lion plans on launching its stimulant loaded supplement StimTropic, featuring a powerful mix of DMHA, TeaCrine, and Dynamine. It turns out that’s not all the brand has in store for fans, as there is, in fact, one other product that is due to release.

Alongside StimTropic tomorrow, Alpha Lion is launching another flavor for its powerful pre-workout, Superhuman. The new addition to the supplement’s lineup is a rainbow sherbet recipe called Unicorn Juice, that the brand says could be its best flavor yet.

Much like with StimTropic, Alpha Lion will be releasing its Unicorn Juice Superhuman with some introductory deals. Details on those worthwhile deals will be shared tomorrow along with the availability of both StimTropic and Unicorn Juice.