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ProSupps makes a number of changes to its Hyde Power Shot

hyde power shot

ProSupps has launched an all-new version of its convenient, on-the-go energy formula, the Hyde Power Shot. The brand has made a number of changes to the product involving a slight reformulation, improved flavoring, more flavor options, and a new look.

In terms of effects, ProSupps’ Hyde Power Shot still aims to deliver an intense, energy enhanced experience. As for the ingredients responsible for that energy, as mentioned the brand has tweaked the supplement’s formula slightly making just two changes to its combination of ingredients.

hyde power shot

Just like the previous version, the updated Hyde Power Shot packs a 101mg blend of beta-alanine and BCAAs, as well as 100mg of n-acetyl-tyrosine. The formula changes ProSupps has made include phenylalanine being swapped out for glucuronolactone, and the caffeine lowered to a total of 350mg per shot.

Moving on to the last few Hyde Power Shot changes, visually ProSupps has rebranded the product to give it a look more in line with the Hyde Power Potion energy drink. The shot’s original two flavors Fruit Punch and Blue Razz have also been improved and joined by two new options in Green Apple and Watermelon.