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Upgraded Aminotaur brings with it a new formula and better flavoring


Anabolic Designs has launched an upgraded version of its amino supplement Aminotaur featuring a new combination of ingredients, a fully transparent label, and improved flavoring. Formula wise the product has carried over the majority of the important ingredients as well as added a few new features.

The all-new Aminotaur from Anabolic Designs packs a strong 7g of BCAAs at a leucine heavy 5:1:1 ratio. Alongside that, the brand has thrown in 5g of transparently dosed essential amino acids plus arginine, a gram of carnitine tartrate, and a mix of electrolytes and 1.5g of taurine to help with hydration.


As mentioned, Anabolic Designs has upgraded Aminotaur’s flavoring as well as its formula. According to the brand, the supplement’s new options taste a whole lot better with three flavors for fans to choose from in Classic Cola, Bitter Sweet, and Purple Punch.

One of the first places stocking Anabolic Designs’ upgraded Aminotaur is as per usual, its own online store at Direct from the brand the packed out amino product will cost you $49.99, with currently only two of its three flavors available in Classic Cola and Purple Punch.