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BPI Sports all-new and stackable Nitro HD powered by Nitrosigine

bpi sports nitro hd

BPI Sports has put together a dedicated pump supplement called Nitro HD that can be combined with pre-workouts from the brand such as One More Rep and Pump HD. BPI promotes Nitro HD as a fast-acting and long-lasting formula designed to increase blood flow to enhance muscle pumps.

The latest BPI Sports supplement is powered by the patented pump compound Nitrosigine which is bonded arginine silicate stabilized with inositol. We don’t know the exact dose of Nitrosigine in Nitro HD just yet, but if it’s like a lot of its competitors, it’ll be somewhere around 1.5g per serving.

We’re not sure when BPI Sports’ Nitro HD is going to be available, however, we can confirm the major online and physical retailer Vitamin Shoppe will be stocking it. We do also know the pump supplement will hit shelves in both a flavored option as well as a convenient and stackable unflavored one.