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BPS Pharma’s Vitaminizer is an every day use, pack style multi-vitamin

BPS Pharma, the German brand behind the Not4Pussy family of pre-workouts, has completely unveiled its next new product with the multi-vitamin Vitaminzier. The product is a bit different from most of its competitors as each serving is made up of a variety of pills, all of which come in a convenient little packet like the hardcore Animal Pak.

BPS Pharma’s new Vitaminizer is intended to be a complete, all-in-one multi-vitamin solution, that has a variety of different pills per serving. Each of those pills features its own specific combination of ingredients, for example, Vitaminizer includes an entire vitamin C tablet, a fish oil loaded softgel, and a capsule coming with three reliable features for joint support.

You can read more about the latest product from the brand behind the Not4Pussy family of pre-workouts, over on its website. Through there you can also buy Vitaminizer in its full-size 30 serving bottle which will cost you €29.90 (34.06 USD), with the availability of the supplement not expected until later this month on Friday the 28th of this month.