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Brand Of The Year: Top ten supplement companies of 2018

stack3d brand of the year

At the end of every year for the past few years, we take a step back and look at how well the massive amount of supplement companies we write about, performed. We try to remember all of the creative, effective, and sometimes game-changing products we saw as well as all of the exciting developments, promotions, and marketing campaigns brands put together.

We do all of the above for a title we call “Brand Of The Year”, which has been awarded to many successful supplement companies over the years including MAN Sports, Myokem, and Redcon1. Today, as we do every year, we’re sharing our list of nominees for Brand Of The Year, which is essentially our top ten of 2018.

In no specific order, the best ten supplement companies of the year are VPX Sports, Purge, Sparta Nutrition, Redcon1, Ghost, Olympus Labs, the Dough Bar, Genius Brand, Max Effort Muscle, and Muscletech. Each of those brands consistently stood out throughout the year, filling the months with either excitement, innovation, creativity, or opportunity (sales), and on some occasions all at the same time.

From the list of ten companies nominated for our Brand Of The Year award, we’ll be selecting our top five to be ranked from fifth to first. Those top five will be announced one by one, spread across two weeks starting from the last day of the year, Monday the 31st of December.

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