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Myoblox CEO unveils his exciting new Cake energy drink

cake energy drink

The CEO of Myoblox, John R. Foster, has unveiled an all-new brand that will be hitting the market in 2019 with just the one product to start. That product is going to be a lightly carbonated energy drink named Cake that’ll be powered by natural caffeine, nootropics, and B vitamins.

The Cake energy drink will initially be available in the one Sour Gummy flavor, although the brand has said it has three others planned for release later in 2019. We don’t have any hints or clues on what those other options might be, although they won’t be announced until February of next year.

Just to be clear, the Cake energy drink is from the CEO of Myoblox, however, it will be marketed under a separate brand also named Cake. We’re definitely excited to see how this product turns out both formula wise and taste, especially knowing that it’s from the mind behind Myoblox.

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