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First look at Optimum Nutrition’s Cookies and Cream Protein Cake Bites

cookies and cream protein cake bites

Back in April, Optimum Nutrition hinted at the release of a new Cookies and Cream flavor for its protein-packed Cake Bites. The hint came after the brand asked fans to vote on what unreleased flavor of the product they liked the best, with Cookies and Cream taking home the win.

Now, roughly eight months later, Optimum Nutrition’s Cookies and Cream Cake Bites have been confirmed with a first official look. A picture has surfaced of the upcoming protein snack featuring a similar flavor graphic to what we saw in April but with a slightly different color theme.

Along with the first look at Optimum Nutrition’s Cookies and Cream Cake Bites, we’ve also got confirmation of its exact nutrition profile. The flavor will have a similar set of macros to the other options with 20g of protein, 25g of carbohydrates, 6g of sugar, 7g of fat (4g saturated), and 240 calories.

We’re not too sure exactly when Optimum Nutrition plans on launching its Cookies and Cream Cake Bites, only that they’re coming soon. There are actually a few retailers already listing the product in preparation for its arrival such as Muscle & Strength, Campus Protein, and Amazon.