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MDRN Athlete revamps its entire lineup including a new PREWRKT

Previously, the still very new MDRN Athlete who only introduced itself earlier this year, had just the one supplement to choose from. This month that has all changed, as the brand now has an entire family of products covering a handful of popular supplement categories.

MDRN Athlete revamped

MDRN Athlete has essentially relaunched itself, releasing three entirely new products and a new version of its original pre-workout PREWRKT, as well as no longer using added colors of dyes. To make the launch even more significant, the brand has given its supplements a fresh and much cleaner branding.

mdrn athlete

New supplements

The new additions to the MDRN Athlete lineup are the full spectrum EAA formula Intra9, and the strength and performance supplement Per4m featuring creatine and PeakO2. The third and final new product is 100% Vegan Protein combining pea, quinoa, and brown rice protein with antioxidant and MCT blends.


As for MRN Athlete’s first-ever and previously only supplement PREWRKT, as mentioned that product has been revamped. The new PREWRKT is a slightly simpler version that’s said to provide better pumps and flavor, as well as smoother energy.

Regarding its formula, most of the ingredients in the new pre-workout are from the original. Of those consistent ingredients, there are quite a few that have had their doses lowered such as citrulline, beta-alanine, and Dynamine, although there are some new features as well such as theobromine and Nitrosigine.

mdrn athlete prewrkt

You can see the list of ingredients and doses in MDRN Athlete’s new PREWRKT in the label above, but if you prefer its predecessor, there is a way you can get it. The original PREWRKT is still available from the brand’s website, although the new version will eventually replace it so you’ll want to grab it quick.


To take a look at all the changes MDRN Athlete has made, you can visit its website at Through its site, the brand is also running a presale promotion for its revamped lineup with 20% off all of MDRN Athlete’s supplements with shipping taking place on the first day of next month.