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Muscletech drops its simple pump formula Platinum Citrulline Malate

muscletech platinum citrulline malate

A new, somewhat straightforward supplement has joined Muscletech’s growing lineup this month with the Essential Series product, Platinum Citrulline Malate+. The item is actually a little more complex than its name lets on as it features a combination of four different ingredients.

Muscletech’s Platinum Citrulline Malate is primarily designed to help enhance muscle pumps while you workout. As mentioned it brings together a mix of four ingredients including 50mg of hawthorn berry, 10mg of Asian ginseng, 30m of vitamin C, and 2.32g of citrulline malate providing 1.45g of pure citrulline.

muscletech platinum citrulline malate

An interesting detail to point out about the new Platinum Citrulline Malate is its inclusion of citrulline malate and how it’s transparently dosed. As you can see, Muscletech has listed how much of its 2.32g is actually citrulline which is definitely something you don’t see all that often.

Muscletech has already made its newest Essential Series product available for purchase through its own online store at It comes in a massive 140 serving tub with just the one Unflavored option, and carries a regular direct price of $39.99.