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Mutant Mass XXXtreme packing 60g of protein and a huge 460g of carbs

When it comes to weight gainers and mass protein supplements, Mutant Mass is a well-known competitor and available in a number of countries around the world. It is a reasonably calorie-dense product with a full serving providing 56g of protein, 192g of carbohydrates, 12g of fat, and a huge calorie count of 1,100.

Mutant has now created a Mutant Mass spin-off that takes things to the extreme. The new and upcoming supplement is called Mutant Mass XXXtreme which features more calories than any other gainer we’ve seen before. Regarding ingredients, the product features three types of whey protein, a lipid foods blend, added enzymes to help with digestion, and a whole-food based carbohydrate blend.

mutant mass xxxtreme

A solid 60g of protein leads the massive nutrition profile of Mutant Mass XXXtreme’s eight scoop serving. Its other important macros include a light 6g of fat, a truly insane 460g of carbohydrates with only 8g of that sugar and 12g fiber, and finally, a calorie count of 2,140. Mutant Mass XXXtreme does also list on its label its nutrition if mixed with 1% milk, which naturally bumps its numbers up even further.

Mutant has put together two size options for its more extreme Mutant Mass XXXtreme with a 7lb tub packing five or six full servings, and a massive 22lb bucket with around 17 full or 35 half servings. The all-new Mutant gainer doesn’t appear to be available yet, although when it does arrive, it’ll have three flavors to choose from in Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cookies & Cream.