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NOCCO’s Caribbean flavor now comes in a slightly smaller 250ml can

nocco 250ml can

The No Carbs Company NOCCO, has just launched a new way to enjoy the pineapple and grape Caribbean flavor for its carbonated, caffeine and amino drink. The brand’s colorfully packaged product is now available in a slightly smaller 250ml can as opposed to the original 330ml.

From what we know, the smaller Caribbean NOCCO drink does come with the same ingredients as the larger version but with lighter dosing. The caffeine, for example, has been scaled down just as much as the size of the 250ml drink with 135mg per can instead of 180mg like the original.

NOCCO has confirmed that the 250ml Caribbean drink is now available to purchase in its local market of Sweden at gas stations, 7-Elevens, and the Swedish convenience store chain, Pressbyran.

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